A New Year, A New Focus

Hello there! Welcome to the first  post of TKiV! It has taken a lot of will power to write what you are reading, so please bare with me.

First, I’m a little lazy at the moment so here is a scanned drawing of one of my favorite chickens, Aurora. She loves being held. Someday I will digitally draw her and the other 14 chickens, as well as other random things. It’s just too much effort at the moment. And seriously… if you are a perfectionist you’ll understand. Digital drawings need to be PERFECT.


Don’t you just love her? She’s a dominique and so very friendly.

Anyway, I am not going to overload you with cuteness today. Instead, look below at something I am doing to make 2017 the best year yet! (please don’t cringe too hard at my fail drawing skills)

This is what I felt like on my way to work today.


This is how I felt on my way home today.


Oh my goodness that is NOT a beard.

Anyway… too many feelings in one post, you say? See, there comes a time when you must own your feelings and rejoice when things go pretty well. Remember… a part of life is what you make of it… seriously.

If you want to be miserable on Miserable Mondays (that’s what I used to call them, or what I would have LIKED to call them) then go for it.

Is this you?


I guess I’m not too lazy for digital drawings after all.

Seriously, don’t let that be you! That used to be me and it was terrible to go through it every week. If you want to make the most of your day, you must actively tell yourself that life can sometimes be pretty sweet. LIE to yourself if you have to. Do ANYTHING to make your day better, even if it’s a really REALLY small step, and you will thank yourself for it. Eventually you’ll make it a habit, which it will be.


Where was I going with this post? I’m glad you asked. You see, one of the keys of life is living in the present. More on that topic in future posts. Sit patiently.

And when did I suddenly and miraculously become compelled enough to digitally draw images? I guess I’m trying to make the most out of a MIRACULOUS Monday. 🙂

*Cue fanfare*



Until next time,


P.S. Please leave a comment…. seriously…. it’s like adding oregano to a bland pasta sauce. Your comment will spice up my life.


Okay that was really lame.

P.S.S. Posts like this one have the possibility of making you feel worse if you have a mental illness or psychological issue. That was me in the past and I know it can be rough. In a future post I will also talk about some things that helped me get through some really dark times. See you next time.

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