My Favorite Game .hack//GU Last Recode for PS4

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful December full of hope for 2018.

Today I’d like to share my excitement about a game I got for Christmas… .hack//GU Last Recode which is the remastered version of the PS2 games that were going for $100 each on Ebay before this new version came out. Last Recode includes a new fourth game to the series and the terminal disc. Those of you who love MMORPGS, or even RPGS, will definitely appreciate the storyline of .hack//GU.

Here it is on Amazon if you’re interested in checking it out!

I have the PS2 versions of games 1-3 and I started game 1 almost 9 years ago yet still unfinished! For fans of the anime .hack//Roots, this game builds upon the storyline and offers a closer look into Haseo’s struggles with Triedge. I am in love with the plot and, although some people may find the anime boring and slow paced, the game is action packed with so much to do. I spent a lot of time going through the extra content (forum posts, etc) in the game and it’s so fun to see this game highlight what it truly means to be a pc gamer.

Instead of me sitting here giving you a dissertation about how awesome the game is I want you to at least give the anime a go and, if you’re at least a bit curious, you can try out the games for yourself!

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