What is “They Key is Variety”?

Have you ever had a bunch of questions buzzing around your head at the same time? Maybe they were questions about how you could be a better person or how you could change your life to what you really wanted.

I have been there and I am sometimes still there! I wanted a place to share my thoughts/ideas/reflections. And so, The Key is Variety (TKV) was born.

This is our personal place to share what we would like to achieve in life. It has taken me a very long time to actually make this website (the predecessor was way back in 2008), however it is better to be late than never!

I was always worried that no one would find anything I had to share useful, and I was very afraid that I would pour tons of time and love into this website only to have it critiqued, bashed, or worse… forgotten about.

What is important to realize is… never fear the unknown. A wise person once told me that we inspire and touch the hearts of many people that will be unknown to us and that’s ok!

What I want you to ponder is: if you don’t follow your dreams, are you really living?

I sure know what happens when I don’t follow my dreams. I know the feeling of helplessness all too well. However, with this website I know that someone somewhere will find some of this advice useful and perhaps it can help them improve their life by even just a little bit.

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